Abeona And Halcyon

Haven of Hope provides an integrated program of specialized and intensive care and supervision, services and supports, treatment, and short-term 24-hour care and supervision to youth and non-minor dependents.

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“Roman, protective goddess of children when they leave the home.”

Abeona Home at Haven of Hope

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The Abeona Home is designed for adolescents who require independent living skills, vocational services, and assistance completing high school as they transition out of the social service system.

Abeona House is unique; it focuses on preparing foster youth, ages 15-18, for emancipation and successful independence into the community or transition to an adult transitional housing program.

It is our mission to provide these youth with the tools that can enable their success and secure their future.


“Calm, tranquil, and peaceful times following stormy weather.”

Halcyon Home at Haven of Hope

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The Halcyon Home provides a structured, homelike environment for six youth, ages 13-17, and addresses behavioral, social, and/or emotional difficulties that prevent them from succeeding in foster care and the community.

An individualized behavior modification program is designed to meet the specific needs of each resident, enabling them to overcome negative behaviors and gain new effective coping skills.