Our STAY Program

The “Supporting Transitional Age Youth” (STAY) program is designed to bridge the gap that lies between our foster youth and successful adulthood. It is a licensed placement, THP+NMD program for non-minor dependents, ages 18 to 21.

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Haven of Hope’s STAY program provides qualified youth an opportunity to receive up to 36 months of additional support in a safe living environment. Instead of cutting the safety net for youth emancipating from the child welfare system, Haven of Hope is offering young adults the opportunity to STAY and acquire valuable life skills, in an environment that is flexible, supportive and caring.

These youth will no longer be living in a highly structured group home, but will now face the challenges of true independence, along with the realities of living on one’s own, such as financial responsibilities, accountability and employment demands. 

This can be a scary endeavor for any young person living on his or her own for the very first time. Haven of Hope’s STAY program (Supporting Transitional Age Youth) provides the freedom and flexibility for young adults to live life within the decisions they make – in a safe environment – while providing the youth the comfort of knowing that the Haven of Hope Team is only an arms length away with guidance, support and advice, if quickly needed.

If we reflect on our own growth during these initial years of early adulthood, many of us recognize that help was always within reach thanks to our network of family and friends. In fact, we might even have taken it for granted. Unfortunately, many of these young adults don’t have such a network of support or family and may just be beginning to build a circle of support that they will rely on throughout their lives. The STAY program nourishes this process and promotes success.

STAY Home at Haven of Hope

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Support in the following areas is accessed within Haven of Hope’s STAY program so young adults have the greatest chance of success after they graduate at the conclusion of the 36 month period:

Furniture/appliances assistance
Employment readiness
Educational assistance
Transportation assistance
Career coaching
Money management
Financial planning
Life management skills training
Grocery & Shopping assistance
Medical/Mental Health Services