Did You Know

Haven of Hope works hard to support youth that otherwise might slip through the cracks in our flawed system.

The California Alliance for Child and Family Services sums up well the history and population that is served by Haven of Hope:

Group home programs have evolved to serve foster and SED children with specific and high-level emotional, mental health, developmental, and behavioral needs saving the State millions of dollars and allowing children, who otherwise would have been institutionalized or incarcerated to live in the community. Support Youth

Since 1991, state psychiatric hospital beds for children have been closed (with a very few exceptions) and those children are now served in the community and, since 1998, the vast majority of children placed in out-of-state institutions have been returned to California. Similarly, delinquent youth who are not a threat to the community but who in the past would have been forced to remain in more restrictive and expensive juvenile hall, county camp and ranch, and California Youth Authority settings, are now effectively served by residential therapeutic programs in the community.

Those youngsters who were once placed in lower level group homes are now served in family-based settings, including their own birth families and specialized foster homes certified by foster family agencies, frequently aided by community-based services and support such as wraparound and therapeutic behavioral services (TBS).