Helping Youth Since 1998

Haven of Hope provides a healing and safe environment to some of the most challenged and vulnerable youth in California’s child welfare system by providing them with a solid foundation built upon an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan.

These youth, who have experienced major emotional and physical disruption, are in need of unconditional acceptance and nurturing stabilization. Since 1998, Haven of Hope has operated on a mission to replace patterns of emotional disruption and distrust with positive interactions from caring adults. Haven of Hope operates two Short-term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP’s) in Santa Cruz County, California. Helping Youth Since 1998

Haven of Hope provides an intensive level of supervision and therapeutic services to prepare children for the transition into a lower level of care such as foster homes, adoptive homes or reunification with families/guardians. Another significant focus for older youth is to successfully transition them back into the community with marketable job skills. Youth receive therapy, counseling and support, while participating in extracurricular activities.

Upon admission, every youth is assessed and actively participates in the development of his or her own Individualized Treatment Plan. Comprehensive treatment includes psychological, educational, clinical, recreational, and vocational services.

Team Haven of Hope works to cultivate trust, confidence, and self-worth in every youth that enters its doors.